Become A Smart Move Real Estate Agent

    Smart Move Real Estate was structured from our inception to provide motivated new agents and established agents seeking a financially successful real estate career everything they need to succeed at the highest possible level. The agents who have taken advantage of our training, resources, mentoring and environment have an income and lifestyle that most Realtors can only dream about. We want our agents to quickly reach their maximum potential and obtain their financial goals. This is why we invest a tremendous amount of our time and money into helping them do so!


    OUR GOAL IS THE SUCCESS OF OUR AGENTS! Smart Move Real Estate agents are not just assets to make us money. Our agents are part of our family and we care about each and every one of them. That’s why we invest a tremendous amount of time and money into giving them every opportunity to succeed at the highest levels. Are you currently a licensed agent? If so, does your current broker invest hundreds of hours of their time and nearly $8,000 a year in marketing support to help you succeed? On average, that’s how much Smart Move currently invests annually into helping each of our agents obtain success!


      Does your broker provide you 50 to 100 exclusive hot leads every month? Our agents currently receive more leads than can properly follow up with!

      Does your broker provide you extensive training and mentoring from some of the best Realtors in our market area?

      Can you call your broker at 9:00pm or later if you have a question?

      Does your broker provide you a monthly revenue cap where you can earn 90% even on leads provided to you by the company?

      Does your broker provide you a personalized website with IDX on the highest technology website available?

      Does your broker give you the opportunity to create perpetual residual income which can allow you to retire with a significant monthly income?

      Does your broker allow you to gain significant bonuses from an annual Profit Sharing Program?

      Does your broker provide you business cards, marketing materials, lockboxes and signs?

      Does your broker have unique listing propositions which will allow you to compete and win against any of the top brand agents?

    Even if your broker does provide some of these things, do they provide them with the ability to PAY NO DESK FEES OR ANY FEES WHAT-SO-EVER?

    Smart Move Real Estate Does All This…And Much More!



    Jay Johnson, Smart Move’s owner taught at a major local real estate school for three and a half years. He saw many people with great potential, yet knew that over 70% of them would not renew their license after the first year. These people would not fail because they did not have the ability to succeed and achieve the lifestyle and financial freedom that our industry offers. These “potentially” great agents would leave the industry simply because they would not receive the “necessary” training, resources and support from the brokerage in which they chose to place their license. For this reason we designed Smart Move Real Estate as a brokerage with systems, resources and an environment where an agent would literally have to try to fail! For those willing to put in the effort and follow Smart Move Real Estate’s proven recipe for success, a lifestyle of financial freedom can be at their finger tips.

    If you think you are the type of person we are looking for, and that Smart Move Real Estate may be the type of organization you are looking for…GIVE US A CALL at (225) 448-2850 to arrange a confidential interview. Ask for Derek, Jay or Brandon. 

    Client Testimonials

    Brandon is seriously the best real estate agent out there! He literally walked us through every detail of the process and he is so easy to communicate with! He gets back to you ASAP and he exceeded all of our expectations for an agent! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
    K. Thibodeaux, Denham Springs LA