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    “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”

    By Courtney Richoux | September 12, 2015

    “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”. And that’s exactly what Nicholas Miner is doing. Working towards his dreams. Nick is a local Graphic Designer and Craftsman located out of the Baton Rouge area. He majored in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design at Louisiana State University. Nick is known for his excellent hand-drawn... Read More

    No Doesn’t Really Mean No: At Least When It Comes to Getting A Loan to Buy a Home!

    By Jay Johnson | April 13, 2015

    Have you applied for a loan to purchase a home with a bank or mortgage company only to have your application DENIED? Well, when it comes to getting turned down for a mortgage NO doesn’t have to mean, NO you can’t get a mortgage. It may only mean that you can’t get a mortgage with the... Read More

    USDA RD Loan Eligible Areas Have Been Expanded!

    By Jay Johnson | February 9, 2015

    IT’S OFFICIAL! Thousands of homes in the Baton Rouge market area are now qualified to finance through the USDA 100% RD Loan Program.  USDA has announced the changes to the Rural Development ineligible area maps! A perfect example is REALTOR and Smart Agent Jay Johnson’s ACTIVE listing at 1332 Crossbow Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70812... Read More

    Is it possible that your Listing Agent is sabotaging your home sale?

    By Jay Johnson | December 1, 2014

    I was reviewing the statistical data for average days on the market for properties listed by different Baton Rouge area real estate brokerages. I noticed how many real estate companies take well over 1oo days to find a buyer for their listing clients’ property. What astonished me even more was how many of these brokerages averaged 200 to 300 days... Read More

    “The Greenest Piece of Furniture is the One that is Already Built”

    By Courtney Richoux | October 20, 2014

    As a newlywed, I know the importance of needing to get a good deal on furniture. Luckily, my husband and I were able to get most of our stuff for free from family and friends. However, we did have to pay for a few things. Our favorite piece in our home is our T.V. console... Read More

    Updated: Thousands of Baton Rouge Homes to Become Rural Development Eligible

    By Chris Touchet | September 24, 2014

    ***Update: USDA has announced the changes to the Rural Development ineligible area maps (As in almost everything below) have been delayed. They WILL NOT be changed on October 1st, 2014 as stated in the article below. This blog post will be updated as changes are implemented by USDA RHS.-Chris Touchet*** If you are buying a... Read More