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From Sports Anchor To Realtor – Lauren Chauvin

Starting a career as a sports anchor isn’t the typical path toward real estate. However, Baton Rouge realtor Lauren Chauvin’s journey was anything but ordinary. With her careful eye for detail and open heart for people, Lauren is a star player on the Smart Move team. We sat down with her to learn more about her Louisiana real estate journey. 

Before discussing real estate, let’s talk about how you become a sports anchor.

Well, I’ve always loved sports. Growing up, I was in at least seven different sports. It was a big part of bonding with others, especially my grandfather, who was a basketball referee for the SEC. There are few connections like the ones sports can create. 

What was life like as a sports anchor?

It was a wonderful experience but very hectic. Deadlines were tight, and you had to move fast to make them. I’m thankful for the experience, though I knew it wasn’t the right path. 

Why did you choose real estate?

I was in Montana working as an anchor and knew I needed a change. Working as a server in college showed me that I wanted a people-oriented job. Pairing this with my interest in interior design made me realize I should try real estate. After getting my real estate license and moving back to the south, the rest was history. 

Are there any crossovers between sports journalism and real estate?

Sure! For one, it’s taught me the importance of asking questions and finding a story. Every client, even every property, has a story. Understanding and communicating the significance of a transaction is an important asset as a realtor.

From a more personal perspective, my background in sports has shown me the importance of connection and community. It’s all about connection. Whether in Tiger Stadium or the office, we’re coming together to support one another. It’s a different setting with the same sense of community. 

How do you want clients to feel after meeting them for the first time? 

To put it simply, I want clients to feel good. Buying a home is often the most significant purchase someone will ever make. Why not make it a good time? 

What motivates you as a realtor?

Buying a home is a big deal. For many, it’s a bucket list item they might not get to check off. I enjoy helping others take these steps, especially when they might not have all the necessary support. 

I remember working with a single mom who had trouble qualifying for a mortgage. Not to mention, market conditions weren’t great as well. It took some time and a lot of help from the team, but we found her a home she loves. Moments like that make everything worth it. 

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