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NO MONEY DOWN Disaster Loans

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Our Clients Are More Than Just a Real Estate Transaction! THEY’RE FAMILIES JUST LIKE OUR OWN!

So many families in the Greater Baton Rouge are suffering from the recent disastrous floods. People have been displaced from their homes and rental properties only to find if they can find another place to lease, the rents have been dramatically increased!

Smart Move Real Estate has teamed up with an actual underwriter for the 100% (no money down) Disaster Relief Home Purchase Loan. This is important because applying for this loan through a middleman (loan broker) may force you to pay a much higher interest rate. This is because a middleman must up-sell the interest rate to make money on the loan. (The interest rates offered by our mortgage underwriter currently start at 3.25%.) To put this in prospective; an estimated payment to purchase a $200,000 home including insurances and tax escrows would be around $1,250 per month. This is with no money down and you may get a one month break from making a payment. (This payment is an example estimate. Your payment can be higher or lower based on variables such as credit score, tax and insurance rates and whether we can get the home seller to contribute to our client’s transaction fees.)

The Experienced Realtors at Smart Move Real Estate have been highly trained in the requirements and nuances that will allow our clients to qualify for this program, find their new home and get to the closing table in the shortest possible time. If you work with a Smart Move Realtor and our mortgage underwriter, you could be moving into your new home in 30 days or less!

NOTE: The Disaster Relief Home Purchase Loan is a niche mortgage product and requires an experienced loan professional who is thoroughly trained in the nuances of this loan program. Smart Move Real Estate refers our clients only to the very best of these loan professionals!


  • Maximum Loan Amount: $271,050 (Purchase price may be higher with a down payment of the difference between purchase price and max program loan amount.)
  • Minimum credit score: 620 (If you do not know your credit score, use this link to get your FREE credit score. (We have sources with lenders who will facilitate this loan product with credit scores as low as 600.)
  • Must have been displaced or current residence rendered uninhabitable by the recent flood.
  • You may own a current home that was damaged or rendered uninhabitable by the flood. However, if you have a current mortgage on the property, you will need to be able to debt-to-income qualify for the new loan with your current mortgage.
  • Additional underwriting qualifications may apply. Your Smart Move Real Estate agent will refer to the best loan professional for your unique situation and needs. Call us today (225) 448-4850 for more information or to get the process immediately moving forward.

FYI…The benefits and savings Smart Move Real Estate provides our clients who work in the Law Enforcement, Education, Military or First Responder industries through our HERO SAVINGS PROGRAMS will apply with use of the Disaster Relief Home Loan Program. (click on the HERO SAVINGS PROGRAMS for more information)

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Client Testimonials

Derek is a great guy! It’s been months since we bought our home and I can still call him if I have any questions. If I ever buy another house it will definitely be with him.
D. Thorton, Baton Rouge LA