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Smart Move Selling System

The Smart Move Selling system is changing the way home sellers in the Greater Baton Rouge market area choose to sell their property. Many “traditional” full fee Realtors will tell you that they are worth the 6 to 8% commission they charge to sell your property. However, Smart Listings Agents believe that you and your family paid to create the equity in your home, and YOU deserve as much of that equity as possible!

Until now, the problem for home sellers is that there’s been only two “legitimate” options available to sell their property. The first is to hire a full fee Realtor to sell their property. The second is to attempt to sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Listing with an agent will most times get the property sold quicker (A Realtor listed property sells on average 180 days quicker than a FSBO) but, the seller is paying 5 to 7% of the sales price for the service.

On the other hand, selling FSBO may appear to be a better financial decision but comes with inherent problems. The biggest problem with selling FSBO is that the vast majority of home buyers will never know the property is available for sale. In fact, according to National Association of Realtors (NAR) statistics, 87% of homebuyers who will purchase a property in the next 120 days are already working with a Realtor. This is a problem for the FSBO because these agents typically WILL NOT show their clients a For Sale by Owner property.

Because of this lack of potential buyers, FSBO sellers often times begin lowering the price of their property. These price reductions will often ultimately result in the seller accepting an offer they would have never entertained early in the sales process. This is exactly the reason the NAR statistics show that FSBO sellers average an 18% lower sales price than comparable Realtor listed properties. On top of that, even when a FSBO seller finds a buyer, 50% of these transactions will fail to close for one reason or another!

The Smart Move Selling System was designed from ground up to eliminate most, if not all, of the dilemma a home sellers faces when deciding how they will sell their property! This innovative sales system allows our home seller clients the best of both worlds. The Smart Move equation is simple: Quick Sales – Higher Sales Prices – Lower Commissions = HAPPY SELLERS!

Client Testimonials

Brandon was very helpful during my home search. He was quite resourceful and responsive. I would highly recommend him if you’re looking to purchase or sale your home.
C. Washington, Baton Rouge LA