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  • “The Greenest Piece of Furniture is the One that is Already Built”

“The Greenest Piece of Furniture is the One that is Already Built”

As a newlywed, I know the importance of needing to get a good deal on furniture. Luckily, my husband and I were able to get most of our stuff for free from family and friends. However, we did have to pay for a few things. Our favorite piece in our home is our T.V. console in our living room. This beauty is literally one of a kind! We found a hideous beat up dresser on the side of the road months ago and thought maybe we can do something with this? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

When I found out about Shabby Green Designs, I immediately fell in love. Michael and Autumn Miller have turned a fun hobby into a booming business. They take old pieces of furniture and bring them back to life. “It’s a privilege to be the ones to breathe new life into something once unloved and discarded.” When I asked Autumn why she started this business, her answer moved me.

“Starting Shabby Green Designs was such an organic happening in my life. I was a former make-up artist and hairstylist turned stay-at-home-mom and looking for a way to get my creative energy out while still being able to stay home with my babies and raise them! I’d share pieces in our home that I’d refurbished on social media and the encouragement to make it a business was flooring. Fast forward a few months, I bought a website, got our LLC, and started cranking our furniture as fast as I could. About a year later, Michael sat me down and told me he wanted to go back to school to be a Nurse Practitioner. Shabby Green Designs went from being a hobby to being a substantial part of our income once he started school. With his classes and clinicals now being much harder in the home stretch towards graduation, we both decided to put all of our eggs into the Shabby Green Designs basket. We couldn’t keep a piece online for more than two weeks and our custom work was booming—it only made sense to make this our primary focus. It also helps that we have some insanely loyal and amazing clients. They love us and our family and love shopping local AND ‘green’ at SGD!”

The Miller’s love for this business shows in their customer service and even in their prices. Their work is reasonably priced and oftentimes at a steal. “Michael and I really think it’s important to appeal to the everyman—we want every person to feel like they’re worthy of having a beautiful home without breaking the bank. We want to make those dreams happen for people from every walk of life—from the college student to young married couples to single moms and anyone else in between. I’m passionate about making beautiful spaces for not a lot of money and it’s a blessing to help my clients accomplish that every day.”

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This is our beautiful T.V. console that Michael and Autumn refurbished for us. If you’re currently searching for furniture for your home, I highly recommend Shabby Green Designs. Not only will you likely save money, but you will have a unique custom-made piece of furniture. Additionally, you will be investing in people within our local community and helping their business continue to thrive. It’s a win-win! Find Shabby Green Designs on their website, or at their Facebook page

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